Saturday, January 08, 2005

-I need to savor these next four months or so. I get to do absolutely nothing, yet feel good about it because I am "going somewhere". Ostensibly, I will be working in my anonymous government job....but seriously, I actually look forward to work. I do just what I would be doing if I was unemployed and broke all day Mon-Fri (surf the internet and play basketball at lunch), except I get paid. Pretty sweet. I need to go out a lot more then I do though (which is maybe 1-2 times a week) and live it up. Forget saving, thats what loans are for. For starters, I just booked a spring break cruise. Nothing like 23-34 year old recent grads macking on college freshman right! Just kidding, I'm definitely just there for the bonding. And maybe the juniors or seniors.

-I have no idea when I will actually hear back from some of these law schools. Is there one out there thats notorious for excepting people right away? I would think Temple would be all up on my balls or George Mason. Hmmm. Maybe I have a lukewarm LOR in there.

Two quick notes before I head to Balston....
Jets playoff games only happen a few times a decade, so I must savor it. Even if Chad Pennington throws like a girl.

Much love to, a site I often go to, which recently gave this new blog a "shout-out."
I'm gonna have to step up my game.

Friday, January 07, 2005


we need more cowbell

- So I have had two songs repeating in my IPOD the past few days.
One is Linkin Park "One Step Closer", which I didnt really like back in the day. When Chester lets off with the "SHUT UP!"'s it gets a little weird though, and I dont see how homey can perform in concerts like that day after day.
The other is from Aaron Copland...."Our Town." He is an American composer...did "Fanfare for the Common Man." For some reason, I love this song. It puts me in a contemplative trance. The only reason I even know about it is because Spike Lee used it in He Got Game.

-My dad said something yesterday that pissed me off. I have a tattoo of a cross on my shoulder, and he said something about how "I'm not even religious." Now, I keep it on the DL....but I am very religious. I try to help people, I read the bible and "pop" Christian books (Max Lucado and Joel Osteen joints...holla). I just dont formally go to CHURCH. I'd rather use my time to give back in the community, like being a Big Brother and coaching kids' sports. But, for that choice, I'm perceived as "not religious." I guess I shouldn't really care, but ever since I was a kid in Little League I have always strove to please my dad. But, seriously, what does going to Church necessarily accomplish? I dont like being told that there is an intermediary - some old, white guy in a pointy hat- between me and God. Just seems weird. But I guess going to church is what counts, so those pedophile priests will be in good shape.....

-Two of my letters of recommendation for law school (out of four) haven't yet been received by LSAC. I'm getting a little anxious, since its been a couple of months. The two most important ones (my professor and boss at the time) are there, so thats good.
One that is missing is my Congressman, who I was an intern for (and who has no idea who I am). Maybe that was a longshot anyway.
The other one is my previous boss, an older, black lady who wants to adopt me. Her writing prowess isnt going to blow away the Admissions Committees, but she would have gone over the top with praise. I think I'm going to send here a "Thank YOu" for the letter, since I'm sure she has no idea that I can check if its been received. Cunning, yes?

By the way, you'll notice I said "black lady" earlier. That sounds harsh in print and not knowing me, but I simply cannot say "African-American." It's the dumbest phrase ever. Seven syllables and doesnt mean what its supposed to. White Americans from Africa don't count- so basically you're just too much of a pu**y to say black. It's cool if YOU actually are FROM Africa (in your lifetime), but thats not the case for most people. I'm certainy not a "Euro-American." America is the best, so don't add any modifiers if necessary. This is beside the point, but thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

Thursday, January 06, 2005


Working, what a waste of time

Now, I'm into being active. I love almost all sports, and lift weights from time to time. But I had this novel idea....I was gonna start working out (health club style) in the '05. Guess this wasnt such a novel idea though, cuz people are packed up in that b*tch! Which isnt so bad because there are a ton of girls (especially in Balston), even if they have a little holiday chub, and I'm sure a lot of the dudes are gay.

But my point is, as I toiled at the gym it occurred to me.....working out is a colossal waste of time and energy. What would our forefathers think?....all this human/toil and labor with no product as a result. Its one thing if you lift weights- at least then you are building up and molding your body. But what does going on a faggity (no offense to the homosexual community....i love you all but couldnt think of a better word hurr) eliptical machine for a half hour, just so you can stuff your face later, do? And even if you work out hard and have huge muscles, they aren't functionally useful, chics dont like that, and people will think you are dumb.

As gay as it sounds, someone like Paul Walker probably has the ideal physique. And, wow, I look just like him! Good for me.

Also, most people who lift weights a lot (guys) seem to be short. I dont know why but its just my observation. Maybe getting under the squat bar compresses their spine.

Oh Yes, I do have some *BIG NEWS* from this evening:
I got a letter from the UVA School of Law today, my dream school!!!
The shocking news was that they received my application. No shit! Wow! Send me another letter when you open the envelope too. Oh well they can do whatever they want... as long as they admit me. Otherwise, I'm doing to their school what Left Eye did to Andre Rison! It wont be good, if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Worthless as this letter was, at least the Dean (or Assistant Dean or whatever...who cares) handsigned it. Nice touch.
Speaking of which......True Story- Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, sent signed condolensce letters to all the families of dead US soldiers. And he AUTOSIGNED them!
What an amazing asshole! If you're gonna do that, just don't do anything at all. What, someone's son or daughter isnt worth the 1 second it would take to sign the paper? I think I hate that guy. Reminds me of Bud Selig (baseball comish) with his condescending, out of touch, old white guy-ness and bad-guy-in-a-madeforTV-movie face.

I think Vince McMahon should be Secretary of Defense. Maybe Brutus the Barber Beefcake could be involved too, unless he died.


Hey, How was your break?....and other Office Crap

I must say, now that I am in the office working world....I have really come around to the greeting of other employees, most of whom you really dont know, in the hall. At first, it was annoying. But now smiling and giving a forced, overly-cheerful greeting really puts a spring in my step. I go over the top with it and people here think I'm really friendly. Probably because they are stressed and I have no work to do. The fact is, I'm not all that friendly.
I should mention, I like talking to the security guards the most. They speak my language. And by that I mean they are black. I do need to stop saying "What's up" to middle aged/old white men here though. I'm sure that doesnt look super professional.

I'd even take it a step further. If I start a company, first of all everyone will have to speak ebonics ("Todd, can I holler at you for a second. Get yo ass to this meeting. U late."). If you talk the King's english you will be ridiculed, similiar to the behind the back, condescending stuff that goes on to those who bust out the ebonics now. But I would also incorporate a mandatory handshake (a cool, "Fresh Prince/DJ Jazzy Jeff" style one, not an actual handshake) for the hallway passing by's. It would really liven it up.

Another office thing is.....good god, some people have NO shame in the bathroom. I go out of my way to avoid spending time there at work, if you now what im saying. But if i have to go that bad i have the decency to use the private, handicapped bathroom and spare everyone the noise and walk of shame.

my last piece of advice....if you're not building up a great track record at work, do what I do. Act dumb. but LIKEABLE. That is the important thing. Like Forrest Gump. That way, when you mess up or take way too long to complete an assignment, it's not that you're lazy or dont care. You're just a likeable, hard-working guy who isnt that bright. People will want to help you. Im serious, this is great. I used this technique in my freshman writing class. My first paper was horrible and I was talking to my teacher about the C I received, and I acted like I had poured myself into that piece of crap. I said, "I guess I'm just not a good writer." I still didnt really try the rest of the semester, but I got B plusses. Good things happen to Forrest Gump is the point.


a couple of things to get off my chest?

One thing that bothers me is that its hard, almost impossible to find any role model or hero that you can look up to without reservation. I mean, there are bits of pieces I like about a lot of people...aspects of them that I revere and aspire to. John Edward's speaking ability, Bill Clinton's charm, Bill Gate's ingenuity. But there are big problems with almost everyone. That's why I like Pat Tillman. Maybe its because he is dead so no one would dare write anything bad about a fallen hero, but it just seems like he was all action, no talk. He valued things that superficial society didnt, and had that rare combination of extreme physical toughness and prowess, and extreme intellect. I guess that combination is the most impressive thing to me....Arnold is kind of like that, but kind of a goofball. Anyway, my point is that I think I'm gonna order a Pat Tillman jersey. Although I really hate when people wear the replica jerseys in public....."ooh, is that Randy Moss? he looks shorter, fatter, and whiter than i thought."

Also, does anyone else LOVE the "missing connections" thing on Craigslist? It's hilarious. What bothers me is that I never see myself though. Is it possible that I'm not as stunning as I think I am? Hmmm.
Here is a typical post:
"Woman on the Subway.....mfw, 23, Arlington:
you-gorgeous blonde girl reading "Da Vinci Code"
me- tall guy standing next to you in a brown sweater.
I was going to talk to you, but I didnt want to bother you while you were reading. Coffee?" you thought, "going up and talking to her, nah she might be annoyed.....but girls LOVE random guys putting out feelers to them on the internet! "

grow some balls and talk to the ho
this really pisses me off, but its also highly entertaining
no one will admit they are a pu**y and they all have some dumb excuse
id like to know if anyone has EVER had a successful meeting through this thinking NO

hmmm, I'm down with the blogging, but I think maybe I'll only expect this to be a private diary and nothing more. Which would still be cool.

Its disappointing that the internet wouldnt have flocked here within hours. Although there is no counter or anything that I see anyway. Plus "trolling" on the law school boards is unseemly.

So, its just a diary, Anne Frank style. Except I'm not Jewish. Not that I hate them or anything...they aight.

Well, I guess I should stop this and do some actual work.
Nah, I think I'll go work out and hit the McDonald's value menue. Prob back in 2-3 hours.


Law School Apps 411

since I'm trolling for visitors on the law school message boards that I frequent, I should probably hit you with a little on the law schools I have applied to.
But, basically, I think I'm either going to UVA or William and Mary. I mean, I would go to UVA over anywhere. And I can't see me realistically getting into another school that I would attend over W&M (solid top 25ish school, cheap instate tuition, in the area I want to work, seemed cool when i visited).

But anyway, I have applied to:
UVA (top choice)
Georgetown (only school I might get into and would go to over W&M....maybe)
Penn (not likely.....for one thing I skipped the "optional" essays)
Cornell (why did I even apply? theres a reason I didnt want to go there for undergrad!)
Duke (I've always hated Duke. Ever since Christian Laettner stepped on that Kentucky guy, and now JJ Redick carries on the punk legacy. Although I do have love for Bobby Hurley).
William and Mary....yee-uh!
Mason....can't stand this place for some reason I asked the dean at an info session if they have a loan forgiveness public interest program, and she just said "No" then asked the next question. Bit*h. was free
George Washington.....whatever, I could keep working part time

Miami, Richmond, Hofstra, Baylor and some others would be free, but I'd still have to pay for the LSAC reports so f*ck em.
Might apply to Notre Dame or Vandy though. Maybe even BYu, cuz im not that into drinking. But Mormons, while nice, are kinda creepy.

Anyway, i have a 168, 3.6 in math and government (ivy), and average recs/EC's. Ironically, I'm a "Big Brother" now AND coaching in Special Olympics, but didnt even get to put that on my ls apps. Yeah, getting them out early was a great idea....

So....where will I get in?


HS girl

Here's something thats on my mind. There is this girl....I call her High School girl still to my friends even though she is in college now. I met her at a work office party of my mom's when she was a senior. I was 22, she 17. Now she lives far away, but we still keep in touch and I visit now and then. I saw her over the break, and it was great. My problem is that I get infatuated with girls, kick some GAME to them (as I like to say), and then completely lose interest once they show interest in me. BUt HS girl I really like. She is just my type physically....dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin.....almost Lationo except she's white. But she's kind of immature and not that smart. But then again, beign really book-smart or into your career is a turn-off for me. I can't front.....I want a housewife! I get enough stress through school, jobs, etc. I want wifey to be comoforting, fun, and totally positive. With HS girl though, I just cant shake the fact that it seems sketchy. I mean, isnt it weird that I supposedly "relate" so well with someone much youner and with minimal life experience? What does that say about me?
The other thing is that she is mad po'. Which is to say poor. And, despite her being so young, her mome LOVES me. "When are you gonna be back?" she always says. She doesnt have a dad. Which maybe makes her grow up faster though. i wouldnt know because I am sheltered and spoiled. Although it is a bitch when people be rolling up on your private beach, namsayin?


Quick Points

-So there is this cute Latino girl at the cafeteria. She works there, I mean (but Im sure she has long term plans....I hope). Anyway, would it be mad sketchy for me to "holler at her", aka ask her out. The weird thing is, I doubt she is objectively even that attractive. I am just really attracted to women waiting tables, serving me food, or cutting my hair. The hair thing even if they are old and fat.

-So Vermont Law School is all on my balls. Damn, as Tupac said, "I hate to sound sleazy but tease me, I dont want it if its that easy." Suffice to say, I will not be applying.
But I did enjoy this:
"If you would like to have
your application fee waived, you may attach a note requesting a fee
waiver to the application and it will be approved."
No, I'd like to pay the fee. I want to help the school out. Thanks, though.

-You may have noticed that I "talk black." Whatever that means. Anyway, this is interesting. I am white. I have always had a lot of black friends, though not so much anymore (there werent many at my college or in this Agency). I just like black people better, because they seem to let their guard down easier, live more for the moment, and are more fun. But the weird thing is that white people that "act black" really annoy me. I guess that makes me a hypocrite. But I love fried chicken so maybe I'm black on the inside? That could possibly be considered "racist" by the way. But it isnt, so calm down. Black people, on the whole, enjoy fried chicken more than white people. Thats just the truth.

-Does drinking Diet Soda make me gay, or at least look a little feminate?
I'm really concerned about this. I'm downing like six "Diet Coke"s a day now. I hide them behind the computer monitor between sips cuz they embarrass me.


Test Post

Well, I think it's about time I get on the Blog bandwagon. I have a lot to say and am given minimal work to do.

Allow me to introduce myself: I'm Anonymous Recent College Grad.
I've decided to go with Tommy Houston as my name, though. If I was gay (which I am NOT...not that there's anything wrong with that!), I'd have to say that Allen Houston would be the first guy I'd call. And "Tommy" just seems like a cool name that you dont see a lot in our generation anymore.

I was born on 01/29/1981, attended an Ivy League School in Pennsylvania (hmmmm?) and am now working at a government agency in DC. Working is not all its cracked up to be. I have very little to do at work, but hey its a job, gives me lots of time to do personal stuff, and will look good on the law school apps I have sent outl. Lately I've been considering the Marines though. Not for a career, but for like five years. Wouldnt that make for a much more exciting, diverse, accomplished life in the long run?

Anyway, I intend to use this blog to kill time at work, ruminate on the law school application process, and anything else.
Primarily, I think it will be an awesome place to write "real" stuff that I would never say without an anonymous forum. Because that's what I do...."keep it real". Holla.

For example, do people REALLY only sleep 6 hours a night? Because I almost always get at least 7-8, and everyone else I have seen first-hand does do people just exaggerate this to look cool? what the dilly?
Is it REALLY normal to "choke the chicken", as Butt-head would say, all the time. I've really always wondered this, because I almost never do. I mean, I have a strong sex drive and have had my share of chicas so dont get any ideas, but I just don't engage in that particular act or want to. How weird is that? Maybe cuz I'm Catholic.
Also, does anyone have a career for me? I am smart, great people skills and, I dont mind saying, ridiculously good looking. I want to be challenged and "help people", and make a decent wage, but really money doesnt drive me. Being a teacher is just a little TOO ghetto for me, I dont like waking up early enough for a military career, and governemtn almost cuts it but its just TOO lazy (which is saying something). Damnit, I always planned on being GM for the Knicks and now I have no back-up. I need to track down Isaih Thomas's cell. I have some good ideas. For example, we could trade Mike Sweetney for Elton Brand straight-up. Wouldn't that be good?

oooooh, one more thing. In addition to my anonymous, pent-up comments, this will be a great resource for advice straight from the honeyz without looking foolish. Since that is never far from my mind, honeyz that is. Cuz I'm a P.I.M.P.
Posturing aside, do girls LIKE this "metrosexual" stuff. I groom myself, dress professional, etc, but I cant stomach dudes that put gel in their hair, reek of cologne, and wear sleeveless shirts to the gym. I mean, I'm practically Arnold Schwarzenneger, and I wear a sweatshirt there. And, seriously, I am. I have nothing to do at work, so weightlifting is where I apply my work ethic now, such as it is. And when I say nothing to do at work, you probably think that I am exaggerating. But, no, I am not. For example, today I will make 15 copies (my specialty) and sit in on a one hour meeting. Other than that, I will work out, visit tons of websites that I have bookmarked (while having the mouse ready to click to "Excel" at the moment I hear footsteps, and instant message my friends. All day. And bank $116 dollars for my toils. It's no wonder we're in debt. The federal government doesnt spend its money too efficiently. Thanks for the taxpayer dollars, though, peeps!

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